Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Press Release by Dr Krimpleane Phabbs

Press Release Embargoed until 31.08.2011: 21.45

Internationally renowned and acclaimed microbiologist Dr Phabbs, chairperson of the Coalition for the Ending of Homophobia (CEH) has requested the extradition and trial of Mr Joseph Ratzinger (AKA Pope Benedict 16) on charges of disseminating homophobia and anti-gay hate-speech.

Said Dr Phabbs, "This man in his capacity of chairperson and chief executive of a religious cult, endorses the inerrancy of a book, the so-called "Bible", which is violently gay-unfriendly, and contains gloating descriptions of supernatural gay-bashing in a place identified as Sodom. He should be ashamed of himself.

"What is more, a character named as Lot is described as offering his daughters to the gays of Sodom, in a clear attempt to "convert" them to "straightness", an insult to their orientation. All because the local gays wanted to extend a welcome to Lot's male guest and be his buddy.

"In addition, Ratzinger has gone on record that his firm will not employ gays as ministers of religion.

"He must be made to face up to the appalling effects of this book, which is used as an official instruction manual and vade mecum in his organisation, and its malign influence on the Big Society. He endorses this scurrilous book which makes the Protocols of the Elders of Sion pale into insignificance.

"The author of this disgraceful and bigoted volume is said to be "the Almighty", and when we have tracked Him down, He too will be called to account.

If He cannot be tracked down, I will personally prove His non-existence."



  1. Although I certainly understand the good Doctor Phabbs anger, I must say I disagree with his approach. We at the dancing spear Eco-community of the Sacred Stag have found many ways to correct such homophobia, the best being the Oiled Spear Dancer Tank, in which homophobes are confined with us as we do the oiled spear dance skyclad--it has certainly opened many homophobes to the realization that they are homophobic only because they are homo-deprived. it's worked wonders on many, many college freshmen and....others.

    It is the very best tool for reparative therapy in the fight against hetero-privleging--everyone we have treated has changed their tune in public, especially after we show them the redacted and edited video footage.

    Stagman MoonShroom Dancer.

  2. Sorry for taking so long to reply, but I have been receiving intensive anti-specist therapy at the Well Man centre.

    Ahem! Could I join, please?

    K. Phabbs