Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dr Bung, M.P. : A Man For Our Times!

Genderdoctor Caring Bung, MP, will introduce a new Parliamentary Bill in the Autumn, which he has described as follows:

"I intend that the new, all-inclusive, non gender/orientation-specific form of address shall be Genderperson, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, or so-called marital status. For titles, there will be Genderlardy, or Genderdamesir, to replace sir, dame, lord, lady, and, for so-called professionals and clergy, Genderdoctor, Genderbishop, etc. etc.

"All so-called Catholic Clergy, regardless of status, shall be addressed as Genderpedophile or Genderpervert.

"It will be an offence punishable with imprisonment to use the expression 'pervert' in any other context."

Brilliant! This genderperson has a brain and a half!!


Genderbishop Bogus Smirk

(Proofread {Nihil Obstat} by Gendersistbrother Jezebel Stoatblister)