Friday, July 27, 2012

Make this Man Pope Now!

Once in a generation, there arises a mind so exalted, so free from the trammels of dogma (or dogpa - let's be inclusive, eh?), so FREE-RANGING, that his powers of clear thinking, plain speaking, and vibrant moral leadership must not be lost or wasted.

Who have I got in mind? 

Do you really need to ask? Jhon Crudass of course, a man unafraid to speak his mind, whether about termonation of unwanted pregnancy or gay marriage.

Hats off to him, I say, and to that fine Bishop McMahon, who will be introducing him as speaker at the prestigious forthcoming conference of Catholic Commission for Peace and Social Justice.

Of course, that old misery, Jon Smeaton of SPUC has got his zimmer frame in a twist over it.

So has that tiny twit Left-footer.

Why don't they accept that the lost battles of the past - abortion, homophobia, condoms, zoophilia, boot-fetishism, were LOST. 


I say, send Benny 16 to an eventide home, and let's have a young, open-minded, courageous Pope instead. None other than.....


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Help! I have been Meme-ed!

Help! I have been Meme-ed!

Which is nowhere as bad as being maimed.

11 Questions for my friends:

1. Do you cut your sandwiches into squares or triangles?

  I roll my bread round a shroom omelette..

2.  Do you know Beethoven as one of the worlds greatest composers, or as a big dog in a rather ordinary children's movie.


3.  What color is your toothbrush? And, is your toothbrush interchangeable with your spouses?  With their full knowledge and consent?

I'd swap my toothbrush for a spouse anytime.

4.  Do you stir your coffee right to left or left to right?  And do you ding your spoon on the edge of the cup until the rest of the family screams blue murder?

Can't remember.

5.  Do you ever wear odd socks?  And if you do, do you always start the day by saying you hope you don't die today?

People say my socks are very odd.

6/ Is perspicacious part of your vocabulary?

See (2)

7.  What was donatello before he bacame a world famous Ninja Turtle?

A ninja turtle egg?

8.  Does your exerciser regime challenge more than your wii controller muscles 


9. Do you laugh hysterically at your own jokes?  At confession?


10.  What are the names of Donald Duck's nephews?

Huey, Dewey and Louie-- aux prunes s'il vous plait.

11.  And, lastly, for fans of the brilliant Charles Schultz, have you ever had occasion to call any of your children "Pigpen"?

No - ain't no kids.

OK, not linking, but TAGGED:  Marco, 

Benedict XVI sees sense at last

What great times we live in! Fantastic, fabulous, cool, wicked, mind-blowing!

Yes, I know I've been kinda hard on Benny in the past, but he had it coming, I guess, with his  red Gucci stilettos, and all that schmoozing up to the traddies.

But now I take my hat off to the man. HE ROCKS!

Yup, he appointed Archbishop Muller to be head of the Spanish Inquisition, a step of such courage and vision that the mind of yours truly is well and truly BLOWN.

Why am I so fantabulously chuffed? Well,

  1. Muller has written that the Catholic obsession with the virginity of Mary is IRRELEVANT! I think he says that the physical virginity is not a big issue here - it's all about a state of mind! BINGO!
  2. He writes that Transubstantiation is old-hat. We must think of symbolism, community, TOGETHERNESS. I'm cool with that.
Muller has guts! I love that man!

So, my dear seekers after the many-faceted truth, the hermeneutic of cool, EXPECT TO SEE ME AT MASS NEXT SUNDAY!!!!!

And may Whatever bless you!