Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Benedict XVI sees sense at last

What great times we live in! Fantastic, fabulous, cool, wicked, mind-blowing!

Yes, I know I've been kinda hard on Benny in the past, but he had it coming, I guess, with his  red Gucci stilettos, and all that schmoozing up to the traddies.

But now I take my hat off to the man. HE ROCKS!

Yup, he appointed Archbishop Muller to be head of the Spanish Inquisition, a step of such courage and vision that the mind of yours truly is well and truly BLOWN.

Why am I so fantabulously chuffed? Well,

  1. Muller has written that the Catholic obsession with the virginity of Mary is IRRELEVANT! I think he says that the physical virginity is not a big issue here - it's all about a state of mind! BINGO!
  2. He writes that Transubstantiation is old-hat. We must think of symbolism, community, TOGETHERNESS. I'm cool with that.
Muller has guts! I love that man!

So, my dear seekers after the many-faceted truth, the hermeneutic of cool, EXPECT TO SEE ME AT MASS NEXT SUNDAY!!!!!

And may Whatever bless you!



  1. Dude, That Ignorant Redneck Tagged you in a Meme!

    1. Yup, man! I'm cool with that! Sorted - see next post!