Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dr Serebral Pestillenz on the Evil of the so-called Family.

I am proud to present this guest post by Dr Serebral Pestillenz, who has a doctorate in psychology from the University of Lyonesse, on the very important subject of child protection.

Take it away, Doctor!

In my study of the psychology of childhood, I read widely among the works of Cyril Burt, the great Dr Jerschild, Dr Mengele, Margaret Sanger, Marie Stopes, and the immortal Krafft-Ebbing, and became convinced of one thing. The elimination of the deluded concepts of 'motherhood' and 'fatherhood' is essential if we are to build a just modern state. 

In all 'primitive' societies, which are of course by definition healthy, the child belongs to the community and is brought up by the community with the community's shared values (see Margaret Meade, Colonel Professor Doctor Six, & Dr Purve Ershen, passim).

In modern British society, the ideals of Marcuse are not universally accepted, and the archaic construct of 'the family' still in some places persists, in spite of the untiring work of sex-educators, the Catholic Education Council, and Planned Parenthood. Here I must, of course, also mention the great work done by Dr Gommorrer-Kwest of the Child Sexuality Endorsement Society, and Dr Caring Bung, M.P. for Gówno, whose masterly suggestion is that only certified non-homophobes should be allowed to reproduce.

The family, that archaic, ageist, male-dominated, matriarchal, patriarchal construct clearly must be eliminated, and here the crack troops will be Social Services. For two example of thir untiring work, read this -

Until this great work is completed, British Communities will continue to be at the mercy of homophobic, revanchist, sex-obsessed, puritanical, bigoted, theophilic bigots.


  1. If me, my gay platypus partner and our sweetie the Fir Tree aren't considered a family, are barred from marriage, and harassed by the police when we physically demonstrate our affection, then it's obvious that the very idea of "family" is exclusionary, and based on a logocentric ethos that denigrates the differently different.

    Destroy the Family, Restore the personality of the innermost ray of the perfect light of the biophilic oversoul!

    Fr. Skippy McPhreak.

  2. Father Skippy McPhreak - I am with you all the way on your very interestingly diverse zoophilic and dendrophilic relationships.

    I hope to see you at the next Gay Pride march accompanied by your platypus partner, and your fir-tree buddy (in a tub on wheels, perhaps).

    The future belongs to the diffently different. We must work for the extirpation of exclusionary "families".

    Dr S. Pestillenz