Saturday, August 27, 2011

Guest Post - Sister Pestilentia Quiche

As promised, here are the details of our forthcoming Spiritual Workshop, cost Ł500, unwaged stay away.

Empowering The Godess Within You

10.00 am. Welcome. Pepsi Cola and herbal vegan quiche. Registration.

10.30 am. Sacred dance performed by our men's liturical dance group, led by Grant Thrust.

11.30 am.  Chill-out, with Mongolian throat singing choir, Hubberholm Rainbow Clog-Dance troupe, and Tibetan nose flute ensemble.

12.00. Women's (topless optional) drum-circles. Meditation tents.

13.00. The Bong of Reason (Address by Bishop Bogus Smirk)

14.00. Chill-out smoking and substance break.

14.30. Invocation to Gaia/Love-In/Family Planning Workshop. 

15.30. Macrobiotic/Abortion/Deep Ecology Sing-In and Dance-In. There will be an opportunuty to wail and express your hurt at the forthcoming extinction of the Bessarabian prawn.

16.15. We Are Excluded and Hurting delegation from the Catholic Church 

17.00 Enthronement and Crowning of Earth-Mother Gaia.

17.45. Hug-in and parade. Leave.


  1. I must say that I find this terribly exclusionary! nowhere is there room in this for the phallo-orientation of Earth prituality, no way for those of us who have entered into communal compact with the essential masculinity of the wilds, that spring in instant and eternal yearning from the yoni of the dark moon and find it's expression in the predation of the hoerned stag, or it's inevitable and necessary inclusion of youth in the masculine mysteries of the feminine self as manifested by the burning of the crypto-spores of non-reproductive eros bonding in the warrior spirit that protect Gaia from the depredation of the hetero privileged breeders! Where shal the ethnobotanically enlightened masculine find it's expression here if not in the metaphorical spear dance of the oiled ones?

    Stagman MoonShroom Dancer

  2. Dear Stagman,

    I perceive your hurt, and am taking steps to include such a spear-dance.

    Will you be bringing your own spears?

    Sister Quiche

  3. Yes! We will be bringing our own spears, made of wildcrafted wood harvested from storm donated sacred arboreal material and tipped with primitie yeat hand crafted all natural stone tips made from the freely donated EarthStone materials donated by landslides conducted in revenge for the anthropogenic instability of Gaia's sacred hill sides along the AutoBahn in Bavaria, to purify the soil thereof from the taint of fascistic privileging of iron shod force and conformity.

    Stagman MoonShroom Dancer