Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bishops Running Scared

Can you smell the stench of where-to-run-to, pant-wetting teeth-chattering fear, terror, dread, funk?

I can!

They're on the run! Who are? The sin-sodden, sex-hate-mongering, motherhood-and-apple-pie loving bishops in England and Wales, every pathetic mother's son of them.

And for why, you ask?

Cuz their time is up! It's high noon! It's the midnight hour, when Hell doth gape and all that.

Are you with me? No?

Well, try this for size. Our admirable boys in blue have been feeling a few christian collars oop North, and have warned a so-called christian coffee-shop owner to hide his stash of bibles.

And why?

Because, as Dr Krimpleane Phabbs has pointed out in these columns, THAT BOOK is a hate-filled sewer of homophobic poison, not fit for public display.

And the bishops (and it's their book after all) have said NOTHING! Not a word! Not a dickey-bird!

Not a word
I've heard!
Just shows us the buggers are scared!

Yup, I can write poetry, too.

I predict, no, prophesy, that in 5 years 5 YEARS!, the church of rome will be clattering around in circles like an empty beer can in a windy parking lot!


Bogus Smirk, Chair, PAF (Proud and Faithless)


  1. Good for the police! Makes me proud to be part of The Big Society.

    This thilf must stop! All faiths must realise that they can play a part in Society only if they are acceptable to that Society.

  2. It must be said, that it's not the book--it's the forgery of the book by those people, who voted out al the theosophical wisdom and women affirming passages and concealed the Homophilic affirmations of covenant!

    Soon we will be able to re-write, re-store-re-interpret it as it should be--always new and changing in the light of the times, the zeitgeist and the court rulings, in a land governed by disinterested, atheistic secular police, who will have no agenda that leads them to suppress the the ever changing, pluriform elastic Truths of the Ages.

    Power to the Courts and Police, in whom reside our freedoms from moral absolutism-the ultimate expression of genital fascism and eroto-repression of Personkind, (always in proper perspective of the natural citizens and the rights og Gaia, of course)

    Fr. Skippy McPhreak, and Sister Sappho Glowsoul

  3. Marco - Better the religion of peace than the hate-filled crew running their "church" at the moment.

    B. Smirk

  4. Fr Skippy & Sister Sappho - I am overwhelmed by your erudition (I looked it up!) and you clearly hace a brain and a half (each, not between you!).

    Sister Sappho Glowsoul - what a beautifully resonant name!

    I think we could make wondrous music together.

    Yearningly, Smirky

  5. Warning! Beware of Bogus Smirk. He has multiple convictions!