Monday, October 31, 2011

Shrigots! All Kudos to John Cruddas MP and Francis Davis, a Circular Magician if there ever was one!

So Taleban Catholic bloggers - shrigots = shrill bigots (my own word, and I'm really proud of that one) are getting their knickers in a twist over the Dominicans inviting Mr John Cruddas MP to speak at their Oxford venue. As the Dominicans (or Dominican'ts tee! hee!) ran the Spanish Inquisition, responsible for the torture and murder of millions of Jews, Muslims, and Protestants, I guess he was doing them a great honour in accepting.

But no, a foreign Priest (H/T to Francis Davis here) called Father Pereira, supported by SPUC has thrown a spanner in the works. There will be no learned address from Mr Cruddas, who has done so much to support abortion and other liberal Catholic issues in Parliament.

The Dominicans couldn't do this great man (and a credit to his church) a honour if they tried!

By inviting this wise and compassionate man to give up his valuable time at the Mother of Parliaments to explain democracy to a bunch of obscurantist mystagogues, they are honouring only THEMSELVES.


I'm off now to read the rest of Francis Davis's blog and leave some complimentary comments.


  1. Suffering from an attack of the vapours! I wandered onto this blog completely forgetting it was a LF spoof. Now overdosing on statins.
    Excellent stuff Chris.

  2. Richard Collins - Yo dude!

    You've got the wrong end of the stick there! This blog is for real, man. Left-footer is MY spoof blog. Drop in here some more, and forget that loser Left-footer. Mebbe he doesn't exist!

    Never mind the statins - I stick with the shrooms - they never fail!

    Remember, keep it coool! Or something.



  3. We have a local and native shroom here, called "Liberty Caps". Dude, such enlightenment for free!

    Fr. Skippy McPhreak

  4. Fr Skippy - Oh Man! Do they fry up nice? The weather here in Glast has decimated the crop of shrooms.