Friday, October 14, 2011

Bestial Pride!

What a great government we've got here in Britain! From now on I will always vote for the coalition!

First the last P.M., David Cameron announces plans to legalise gay marriage after March, and now, the new coalition Premier, Mr Napevno Gwoopy, not to be outdone, has promised what we've been waiting so long for.

Yes, all of us zoophiles can come out of the closet, or kennel, or rabbit-hutch, or hen-house now and rejoice, proudly, in our orientation, cuz within the year, promises Mr Gwoopy, inter-species marriage will be here.

My darling little aardvark Frisky was over the moon when I told him. The look of joy and gratitude in his eyes told me all I needed to know.

We can't wait to TIE THE KNOT! Now we must find him a wedding dress!

And yes, my friends in the Zoophile Information Exchange are planning the biggest street party ever seen on the streets of London on April 1st 2012.


Leading clergy, including open-minded R.C.s, have been invited, and so far over 100 have accepted.

Bishop Everly Mainchance has said, "Well, ok, I suppose it had to come, and I don't just accept, but rejoice at it, as a step forward for tolerance and the Big Society, which is what the church is all about, I think."

When asked how he thought the Pope would react, he answered, "Dunno. None of his biz..."

O GLAD! O Brave New World!


  1. Finally! With this, the gras roots transhumanist alliance can stand tall! Moreover, think of the environmental benefits! Aftr all, the best organic fertilizer comes from our four legged brothers and sisters!

    And the boon to research, with this taboo finaly dashed, we will overcome our fear of chimera, so tha twe can engineer beings for jobs like mining, fruit picking and sex work!

    And speaking of brothers and sisters, as zoophilia is normalized, people will no longer quail at sibling centered ero-bonding!

    In fact, we've just started a new out reach,led by my brother and his fifteen animal companions (including his favorite Lucy the Llama!). And think of all the fraternal bonding tht will occur at the kennel!

    Besides, given the potential of aphrodesias inherent in the by products of or hydroponic garden, we know now what to do with the stems and leaves!

    Fr. (soon to be mother) Skippy McPhreak,

  2. Does that mean I will be able marry my goldfish at last?

  3. Fr(soon to be mother) Skippy McPhreak - I'm overwhelmed by your erudition, and you coming motherhood. Please tell us more!

    Physiocrat - I certainly does, if you and your beloved are UK citizens.