Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sister Jezebel Goatbuster Sounds Off.........

My heartfelt thanks to Bishop Smirk for allowing me the freedom of his blog to alert readers to developments in the Gorgonzola debacle.

As I wrote in my weekly column in The Clyster, the sacking of Bishop Gorgonzola in Italy with the closure of the justly famed and prestigious Aula Libera Sanctuary, following complaints by traditionalist Catholic Christians, leaves me aghast at the brutality of the Vatican's repressive machinery.

Gorgonzola, who did so much to meld the mystical practices of the great world faiths into the fabric of the Catholic tradition, always stuck to his vision of the Pilgrim Church, travelling on unknown terrain without maps, seeking enlightenment at every hospitable waysite inn, in search of Truth.

A staunch rejecter of dogmatism, papal infallibility, celibacy ("that hothouse of lust" as he so memorably called it), and an outspoken supporter of whatever is innovative, inclusive, tolerant, compassionate, and ecological, the Bishop is said to the considering an appeal against his dismissal, using the 'normal channels of civil law'.

A petition is being organised with the support of such powerful bodies as:

Church Be Us,
Catholic Vegetarians,
Sex-Workers For Universalist Vision,
Catholics For Choice,
Jail The Pope,
Deviants Against Dogma,
We B Church-like

and is being coordinated by the staff at The Clyster

I urge all people of good will to write to their bishop, pastor, shaman, or whomsoever demanding transparency and justice.


  1. Sister, could you be so kind as to add those of us here at We B Church-like to your list?

    And remember, our charism--to FREE the INSECTS! No More specieist genocide through insecticide.

    Also--Do you know where we can hide 37 enlightened Sufi Chemists?

  2. ignorant redneck - Dear Friend,

    Added - see above,

    I will remember. Could I ask, in return, for a generous donation to our locust sanctuary?

    No problem. Simply disguise them as centrifruges, complete with cable and plug, and plant them in school laboratories.

    Just hope that nobody will plug them in and switch them on.

  3. Ummm--they're Sufi chemists---I think they are more or less permanently switched on, that's why they spin. At any rate, they did the most remarkable things with everything growing in my garden at their lab. And my dog.

  4. Your dog? You have a dog!

    Very insensitive of you, I'm afraid. Surely you know that to the the devout Muslim dogs are unclean.

    Please try to be more culturally sensitive.

  5. Sister--

    I didn't have a dog, until they fed that stuff they made to my ferret--now he's a dog.