Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reinstate Bishop Formaggio Gorgonzola NOW!

A shining light in the world has been extinguished, a force for great good mayhemmed!

Bishop Gorgonzola of the Sanctuary Aula Liberis in Italy has been silenced, sacked, and his sanctuary closed.

By whom? You ask.

By none other than the the nazi-inquisitor Pope Ratstinger.

Why? You ask.

Because he continued the work of the first Asissi interfaith jamboree.

Because his sanctuary was a fun place to be.

Because he promoted liturgical dance. And what babes his artistes were! Phooah!

Because mean-spirited Catholic Talibanistas called his services "orgies". That's right, orgies: celebrations so sexy, so full of joy and light that only a heart of stone could resist them. And the cream of Italian society flocked to them.

Because he was BIG enough to welcome all faiths.

As Sister Jezebel Goatbuster so perceptively remarked in her weekly column in The Clyster, "here we see the hideous machinery of Vatican power-structures unmasked in all its naked, power-crazed  misogyny, homophobia, and brutality".

I say to the so-called pope and his so-called "holy inquisition":

Reinstate Bishop Gorgonzola now!

Promote him to cardinal.

Or you will have me to reckon with.


  1. Lefty,..I've got two cracked ribs,..laughing is painful yet you manage to do it! Good stuff!

  2. Indeed, reinstate the good bishop! For only through the radical redistribution of wealth attained through the forum of civil torts can we ever become a just, inclusive, progressive church founded upon the principles of power with through the empowerment of those the System despises for their dissent from the Gender Normative, logocentric structures of a bankrupt and failed culture!!!

    And fee the Insects! No more Speciest Genocide through Insecticide!

  3. Marco - Have I said something funny? I have not. I have exposed a very uncool act by the brutal etc., etc.

    As to your cracked ribs, I recommend 'herbal' tea (know what I mean, heh?) with condensed milk. Nothing will hurt after that.

    ignorant redneck - I am with you all the way, Dude. Blessings and peace. And remember, tators, not gators!