Monday, May 30, 2011

GLADLY - A New Hymn from Smirk

I wrote this last night, and it took me a humungous time, but I think it's one of my best. The last line is meant to be sung really loud.

It rounds off a service on the right note, I think.

It needs a tune. Any offers?

Gladly hopeful we go forth
Out into the street,
Greeting each and everyone
Of the folks we meet.

Gladly hopeful off we drive
To the shopping mall
Making gifts of faith and love
And hope to one and all.

Gladly gingerly we mince
To the gay bordello,
Greeting bears and catamites
"Hey, well met, good fellow!"

Leathermen, dykes, studs and queens,
Are our sisters, brothers.
Abortionists and pederasts,
Like so many others

Are our fellow-pilgrims, but
Let us gladly tell
Bigots, traddies, homophobes
To bugger off to Hell!

To keep the traddies happy, I've added an alternative last line. It's long, but they can drone it to planesong or whatever they call it. Don't say I'm not inclusive. It is -

That they are our beloved, though very diverse, brothers and sisters as well!


  1. The rhythm suggests Mary had a little lamb...

  2. And what better inspiration could a Bishop have, Bro? You read me real good!

  3. The first version works well enough, I think. Very good stuff, again!