Friday, January 7, 2011

Hope at Assissi

It seems the former nazi Pope is coming to his senses at last, with a third multi-Faith jamboree at Assisi. Seems he turned up his snooty Prussian nose at the last two. Perhaps he's read the advice in my last blog to listen to his public.

I say to him: "Fame is fickle, or so they say, and you need some good publicity like you gotta have oxygen!


Last time, they had a statue of Buddha on the altar - really cool.

So, this time, let's see some more faces of Truth.

So what about statues of Kali, Baal, Gaia, Wicca, and Baron Samedi?

Let's make it really ecumenical!


  1. Well just as long as Obi-Wan and Barack are there I suppose it will be OK.

    Peace dudes!

  2. Bishop Bogus Smirk, of the Church of M.U.G.W.U.M.P. whose blog this is, is at the moment nearly insensible after a huge mushroom and herb omelette.

    I hope it chokes him.

    When I read him your comment, he said only, "Blearrrgh! Blurrrgh! Yo, man!"

    I am sure he agrees with you.

  3. The 'bishop' is currently unable to operate a keyboard, as he is respecting 'the weed'. I am bloody sick of acting as his amanauensis.

    He asks me, as far as I can understand his ramblings, to thank you for you enquiry, and says that his abominable sect is totally accepting and welcomes all.

    Transgenedered nuns, he adds, would be "wicked" - his outdated would-be teenage slang for "wonderful".

    He would welcome rednecks, too, he says, but they "gotta be nice". Perhaps he didn't quite understand my explanantion.