Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Got my Own Blog - go fly yer kite someplace else, Left-footer!

First, that little misunderstanding. Reports of my death beneath a steamroller are UNTRUE!

Here's what happened. Mu, who is not my common-law wife, bur my bride according to Mugwumpian rites, had just cooked me a great omelette, and while I was partaking of it (I gotta learn to write more classy, me being a bishop), came into the room dragging a humungous roast pig.

I was somewhat taken aback, us being a regular vegan menage, and asked her to put it back in the freezer and join me in our hallucinogenic repast, and maybe a post-prandial toke (respect to the Herb).

She demurred, a struggle ensued, and the pig flew out of the window into the street. There was a rumbling, crunching sound outside, so I went down to investigate.

There was the porker, squashed flat beneath the front roller of Mu's dad's steamroller. At that moment, I spotted my good friend Dealer Dave across the street, and we hove off to the Tor for a toke. Mushrooms and ganja! I don't remember anything between yesterday morning and now.

So here I am, large as life, and rarin' to go! You know what they say about bad pennies?

Like karma, they always turn up!

And have I got goodies in store for you!

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