Sunday, September 16, 2012

A guest post from Sister Medea Glumleigh-Questing.

Sister Medea writes -

Friends, non-bigots, all of you beautiful people out there, I want to share with you something so adorable, wise, hopeful, and compassionate, that it makes my cuddly old heart beat like a tom-tom.

Having been unspeakably moved at so many of his Rainbow, Leather, Bear, Gay, and Dyke Masses, you will understand the joy that fills me when I read his caring compassionate words.

I am talking of course about that dear old honey......the one-and-only......

Archbishop Professor Dummkopf von Perversionen zur Hölle!!!!!

Ok, so you thought that Austria was all cuckoo-clocks, alpenhorns, and lederhosen?

You got it wrong people! Austria is the matrix, the crucible, the melting-pot, the genesis of all that's new, good, and hopeful in the Roman Catholic church. Ok, so there's not much new, good, and hopeful in the Roman Catholic Church, but the Archbishop is a start.

In his latest book, Der Papst: Idiot oder Schweinhund,  the result of his pioneering missionary work in the gay communities of San Francisco, Brighton, Vienna, Berlin, and Milton Keynes, he writes movingly of the need of the Church to move with the times, to embrace what is good and new, to affirm the rightness of sex in all is rich multiplicity of forms, expressions, and richness.

As he writes (my translation):
Those who reject gaypersonhoodsters, leathermensterness, bears, dykes, questingers, and outednesters are imprisoned in the todeslager of homophobia created by St Paul and his Vatican running dogs and lickspittlesThe Truth sets us free, but have we the courage to embrace it?

Powerful words, and no one can be more heartened than I to read them.

And now back to my malted milk and bikkies.

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