Friday, March 9, 2012

Guest Post from Sr Betsy Necrosis

Let me firstly thank Bishop Smirk for allowing me space on his wonderful blog, and secondly introduce myself.

I am Sister Betsy Necrosis and have taken public vows to Mother Gaia and Saint Margaret Sanger, to name only two. Inspired by Sister Whacko Dogsbreath to immerse myself in the Enneagram, I feel I am grounded, centred, open, questing, and very often hurting from the way my femininity is disparaged by Catholics, Muslims, and followers of the Great Thumb.

I have been driven to write this by a piece of nastiness on a blog calling itself the League of Torquemada, where a woman calling herself Sr Boudicca Nemesis has written a piece of uncaring, fascist, bigoted, stupid, totalitarian, mindless, prejudiced rubbish, which I think is an attempt to discredit me. That woman, just does not exist. Her name is too similar to mine for it to be a coincidence. It is an attempt to smear me with the brush of crypto-fascism and violent confrontation.

I suspect that behind this muck lies the evil far-from-genius Left-footer, who I have threatened with legal action.

So, just for the record, he is a totally unreconstructed male-chauvinist, sexist, agist, Latin-loving, inquisition-admiring, blinkered.... You name it, he's it.

And he thinks he is SO clever.

I am now overcome with emotion and will withdraw to my cell for some whirling, navel-contemplation, essential oils, and a tantric yoghurt.

More later.


  1. Perhaps I'll invite you to give the lenten retreat reaffirming our collective okayness...Together we are Church...

    Fr McFruitloop

  2. Provided I can get my unruly aura under control, I accept. Thank you