Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big-up to Clifford Longley, and his great and brave defence of that fine MP Jon Cruddas!

Smirk Opines

Hooray for Clifford Longley, and his great and brave defence of that fine MP Jon Cruddas.

As Mr Longley very rightly said in that fine Catholic magazine, The Tablet,

"Would it not be reasonable for Catholic MPs to want to take into account the damage to respect for democracy and the rule of law that would follow if the criminalisation of all abortion had somehow been forced through Parliament in defiance of public opinion?"

Destroy Democracy for a blob of tissue that may have a cleft-palate, or flat feet or something? For a life (as the much-maligned Adolf Hitler remarked) that is not worth living?


Mr Longley, the editor of the Tablet, John Cruddas,

I salute you.

Just keep 'em coming!


  1. Cliff has long been a champion of Real Catholicism - the kind that is enculturated in the Real World and takes a Realistic view of things: none of that theoretical, other-worldly, idealistic rubbish...

  2. von Rochau would approve, as would Bismarck.

  3. Chris, please be aware of the dangers of litigation in your post.
    You have described The Tablet as a "fine Catholic Magazine" That means they could get you on 3 counts!

  4. Richard - An action for reverse defamation?


  5. Quote"forced through Parliament in defiance of public opinion?"unquote
    Right is right and wrong is wrong, be the law of the land as it may at any time
    Vox populi is NOT Vox dei
    At least 2 generations ago, CS Lewis(4 loves, Friendship section) observed I think accurately that common opinion, while seldom wholly right, is equally seldom wholly wrong- (with today's rotted society, we may be an equivalent to late 30s Germany, or morally rotted post communist countries, so no longer valid)

    Anyhow, I hae me doots(= Im bloody certain not) That in the sixties public opinion really was in favour even of the abortion law as it was then defended, let alone what it became and was intended to become.
    Ditto legalizing, and no more,they told us "homosexual acts between consenting adults in private"
    Ditto the common market, for that matter.
    Sudenly public opinion is a criterion?
    A criterion for Catholics?
    This is just NOT serious argument, tho it pass for it.It does not deserve a serious reply, but a bellylaugh.
    St paul to Tim , I think : Abstain from futile discussion- your time in blogging this, anyone 's time rebutting are a gain for the devil. This man's trolling, but with a media megaphone.

  6. Mike Cliffson - sorry! It was just and angry joke.