Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hats Off to Trevor Phillips - How I Love That Man

One in the eye for Pope Ratstinger and the traddie homophobes, sex-haters, misogynists, and other dyed-in-the-wool dark-ages twerps. And from none other than everyone's favourite anti-racist czar:

Trevor Phillips.

Here's a man who is really trying to help everyone adopt the core values of British society, like



The Big Society

In today's world it's acceptable to be gay, and not just acceptable, but something to be proud of, like being rich, or influential, or a celebrity, or HIV positive, or beautiful, or young. In my view, the sick folks who can't conform to modern society need re-educating, or gassing, or something.

They're not a happy bunch, so let's offer give them free euthanasia, starting with that bigoted loser Left-footer, and the geeks who comment on his so-called blog.

So, I say to you antediluvian gits:



  1. This is wisdom!

    Fr. Skippy

  2. Hey Skippy, is that you?

    Remember you well from the Baton Rouge barrel houses (and police cells)! How are you?